This is a list of some of the interesting projects that I’ve worked on in the past.

  • miniBidi – this is an implementation of Unicode’s Bidirectional Algorithm (UAX #9) which defines how Right-to-Left text should be laid out. This is a minimal implementation which was meant for inclusion into PuTTY the terminal emulator. The code is available on the SVN repository as part of their Adawat (Tools) project and is also included into the PuTTY codebase
  • CUPS – adding Arabic support to the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS), again through the use of miniBidi, to allow Linux/Mac systems to print Arabic characters. This configuration changes to CUPS and also code to glue in miniBidi. This is no longer needed, but the old patch code is still hosted on the SVN and this is the old project page
  • is simple page incorporating Javascript and a simple Chart to calculate the difference between two prices. It helps visualise the price difference for various percentage changes